What We Do

On the forefront of both science and business strategy, OneQor consistently delivers on the promise of quality and efficacy.

We supply superior plant-derived products.

Unlocking the power of the plant with research and development.

OneQor's mission to develop, produce, and supply the finest plant-derived formulations begins with our top-tier research and development. Our science team has taken thousands of years of Mother Nature's proven effectiveness and perfected it in our labs, by identifying and isolating the specific cannabinoid compounds that are most effective for use in the human body.

Focused formulations for more favorable outcomes.

In addition to groundbreaking R&D work, OneQor has pioneered life-changing research — using a biomimicry-based focused — to reduce back pain, foot pain, HIV-related pain, anti-aging, acne, anxiety, hair health, and more. With precise, proprietary formulations, we can supply our partners with nature-derived ingredients that are unique to their customer. In doing so, we ensure the products are capable of delivering results and addressing specific issues.

Best-in-class process for over-the-counter products.

We manufacture ingredients in bulk quantities for consumer-facing brands. We also develop and manufacture well-known, private-labeled finished goods for the consumer marketplace. And, we do all this with one purpose in mind: the customer. We strive to always give the end-consumer the quality they need — but, more importantly — the quality they deserve. In order to live a happy, healthy, non-addictive life.

From the science to the strategy, the manufacturing to the testing, and the demand to the end-consumer delivery — OneQor ensures everyone can Start Living — with the help of our best-in-class formulations and product offerings.

- OneQor Team